Toyota to Use Whole Family of BMW Diesel Engines

Toyota may be offering a BMW diesel engine in its lineup?

Oxmoor Toyota

BMW’s diesel engines are some of the most advanced, efficient and powerful in the industry, and now they will be sharing the knowledge with partners Toyota, which has up until this point, kind-of ignored diesels as much as it could, beavering away with their hybrids that have the characteristic of being very appealing to some and downright repulsive to others.

The Japanese automaker has already seen this materialize, in the 1.6-liter D-4D Verso MPV/minivan that’s lifted straight from the MINI CooperD. AutoExpress reports that this engine scheme will extend to many other models, the next expected contenders being the Auris(hatchback or estate/wagon) and the RAV4 crossover.

The deal may, or may not be limited to 1.6-liter units, and larger 2.0-liter ones could also be passed on.

They should also somehow find the will to put one of those, from the latter category, under the bonnet of…

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Toyota launches new Noah in Japan, Coming soon to Oxmoor Toyota of Louisville?

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2015 Toyota Noah

We know the feeling: you’ve got what seems like your whole bloodline to transport, and maybe not quite two of every living kind, but a household pet or two. So you’re going to need something big to fit them all. Something like a Toyota Sienna ought to do the trick. But if you live on an Asian island that, we’re sorry to say, has been known to flood in what can only be referred to as an Act of God but whose vehicles fall short of such biblical proportions, at least you can get one with a suitably biblical name.

That would be Noah, the name Toyota gives to its JDM minivan. It’s also known as the Voxy, and Toyota has just revealed new versions of both. Previewed in concept form at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, the production Noah and Voxy have been completely redesigned. The boxy form…

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Used Cars Louisville at Oxmoor Toyota of Louisville

Oxmoor Toyota

At Oxmoor Toyota of Louisville, you have over 1500 used and Certified Toyota’s to choose from.  In fact, Oxmoor Toyota to Louisville has more Certified Used Toyota’s than any other dealer in the Louisville area.

Some of the benefits of Certified Used Toyota’s are:

Certified Toyota Used Cars in Louisville

Our certification process keeps you in mind every step of the way. The TCUV standards apply from the time a Toyota dealer acquires the vehicle through to the final sale. Each candidate for certification can be a current model year vehicle, up to and including six year old models, with 85,000 miles or less on the odometer. Prior to the rigorous 160-point inspection every certified Toyota goes through, a CARFAX vehicle history report is reviewed to ensure that only the best of the best vehicles receive the Toyota Certified Seal of approval.

Used Cars Louisville

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2013 Ford Explorer Sport stakes claim on luxury crossover SUV market, aims for Land Rover

The Oxmoor Ford of Louisville Explorer may not have a long history of being an outstanding sports utility vehicle, but with the 2013 Explorer Sport, Ford seeks to take on the foreign luxury heavyweights. With the Land Rover Evoque, BMW X-class, and Lexus RX 350 all in its crosshairs, the Explorer Sport offers high-end performance, smooth handling, and a luxurious interior.

The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is top-of-the-line Explorer, starting at $40,780.


Let’s face it, even if you closely examine the 22 year history of the model, the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport has no competition for the title of “Most Exciting Explorer.” This is certainly not an attempt to damn the new model with faint praise, it is more a condemnation of all of the uninspiring Explorers which came before.

As with most original SUV nameplates that are “evolving” into more fuel efficient crossovers, the Explorer started off as a rather elemental body on frame truck and became bigger and heavier over time. In 2010, the Explorer was recast as as unibody and won the 2011 North American Truck of the Year.

The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is the fullest expression of the nameplate as a crossover. There have been Explorer Sport models before, mostly denoting a model with coupe style doors and a rear hatch. Now the Sport is a standard bodied five door model which actually brings higher performance to the table. By being the stud of the stable, the new Sport model is priced accordingly, slotting right into the very top price segment of the model, with a nearly $41,000 base price.

What you get for your money is a vehicle with the hidden gem of all of Ford’s new “Ecoboost” turbocharged engines—the all aluminum, 3.5L twin turbocharged and intercooled, direct fuel injected DOHC 24 valve V6 making 365 BHP and 350 ft-lbs. of torque. If this engine seems the least bit familiar to you, it’s because you recognize it as the power plant lifted from the Taurus SHO sports sedan. This engine is capable of hauling the 2.5 ton Explorer from 0-60 mph in a shade over six seconds while still returning a respectable 16/22 mpg city/highway.

Ford has focused on providing a more upmarket experience within the Explorer Sport, giving its interior more foreign-luxury-car-inspired styling.

Ford has focused on providing a more upmarket experience within the Explorer Sport, giving its interior more foreign-luxury-car-inspired styling.

Those performance figures reveal the Explorer Sport’s corporate mission as Ford’s CUV import fighter. The market is crowded with upmarket German, Japanese, and British CUV offerings. This version of the Explorer stakes out Ford’s claim for the near and full luxury segment that sees vehicles such as the Land Rover Evoque, Mercedes M-Class, the BMW X-class, Lexus RX 350, and Acura MDX slugging it out for sales.

Though the latest Explorer has mutated from a rear wheel driven truck chassis to a front wheel drive/AWD platform, the new Sport does not suffer much in the way of torque steer upon take off. Ford’s very competent and versatile AWD system makes the power always drive the wheels that have the best traction. Unlike many of its competitors, Ford also serves up some engineering magic that allows the new Explorer take on road conditions in something approximating true 4WD. By taking full advantage of electronic differential management, and aggressive automatic wheel baking, the Explorer Sport can not only deliver 100 percent of the available power to just one wheel, but through the assistance of a dedicated cooling unit, can also run in a lower geared AWD setting indefinitely without overheating.

If you want a domestic crossover with the styling and performance of its foreign competitors, and then some, test drive an Explorer Sport.

Stop in to Oxmoor Ford of Louisville to see and drive the all new Ford Explorer Sport.

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