Want To Buy The 2017 Ford GT? You Will Have To Prove You’re Worth It

Ford is prioritizing loyal Ford customers in its vetting process toward the ownership of the upcoming 2017 Ford GT.

The company said that buying the all-new supercar, which is slated to go on sale at the end of 2016, will involve a pre-selling online application for potential customers. However, the whole process is not going to be very easy.

“This is going to be the rarest Ford model that we’ve ever done,”said Raj Nair, Ford Global Product Development chief, at the Ford GT National Rally 10 held in September 2015.

Nair went on to explain how the company plans to hold the new Ford GT ownership program.

“It’s gonna be a program that’s gonna commence at the beginning of next year,” said Nair at the time. “First, the next generation Ford GT will be assigned on a customer basis. … Anyone can apply, but priority is going to be given to loyal Ford customers including current Ford GT owners.”

2017 Ford GT


Other key takeaways suggested in the announcement include how the new Ford GT will be assigned to the customer by Ford and how the customer can choose a certified Ford GT dealer in terms of the delivery of his vehicle.

With only 250 Ford GT cars to produce in a year globally, the company wants to make sure that its cars will be in the hands of true Ford and Ford GT fans.

The buying process starts with an online application. Next, hopeful soon-to-be owners have to be prepared to be “scrutinized” through questions such as the Ford models they already own, how often they are planning to drive the Ford GT, and their social media activity.

Nair explained that the process is meant to ensure that the cars will be used on the road as opposed to being used as a display in one’s museum at home. Customers are also discouraged to own the car just briefly and then re-sell it to the highest bidder.

Applicants will be asked to sign a legal document in order to prevent them from buying the car and then selling it for a profit.

Likewise, Ford Dealership owners who are also interested in applying and owning a new Ford GT will have to undergo a separate process.

The application page for the all-new collector model 2017 Ford GT is expected to go live sometime in February this year.

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